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Germs Have Evolved… 
Now, Hand Sanitizer Has Too.

It’s time for the next generation of hand sanitizer. That’s exactly why Pharmotech SA developed PSEUDOMA® — a potent hydroalcoholic hand rub that goes beyond traditional protection. 

By protecting against reinfection for up to two hours from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus Aureus, PSEUDOMA® keeps hands cleaner for longer. All the while, this advanced formula is gentle on different skin types. 

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Why Now?

Today, hand hygiene is more important than ever before for overall health. At the same time, everyday surfaces like phones, door handles, and keyboards are havens for germs. As a result, opportunities for reinfection are everywhere.

Here’s what you can expect:

Added protective layers against reinfection
In-depth testing centered on trust
Zero harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances
Proudly made in Switzerland
Safe and effective protection

Combatting the Rise of MDR-MRSA

With the threat of Multidrug Resistant (MDR-MRSA) bacteria rising, PSEUDOMA® is also a strategic choice for concerned clinics looking to protect patients and staff alike. This is especially important for individuals who are immunocompromised. No matter what the case, the value of extended protection cannot be understated. 

Watch video in:

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Ready for the next generation of hand sanitization?

For a powerful solution backed by leading research, meticulously-tested ingredients, and proven efficacy, PSEUDOMA® is the trusted name to know. It’s time to swap quick-fix sanitizers for this advanced hydroalcoholic hand rub formula.

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