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Partnering with Top
R&D Institutions

Strategic partnerships are an integral part of Pharmotech SA. These globally-recognized universities and laboratories help accelerate the R&D process with greater quality and consistency. Below are the collaborations driving Pharmotech’s innovations.

Clean Hospitals

Clean Hospitals is a healthcare environmental hygiene network focusing on academic research, education and training, and awareness raising. 

University of Geneva (UNIGE)

A prestigious Swiss research institution known for strong programs in the natural sciences, molecular pharmacology, and drug discovery.

University of Zurich (UNIZH) 

A top Swiss research university renowned for omnichannel excellence in a variety of fields, including international praise for pharmacology and toxicology research.

Cantonal Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV)

A leading healthcare provider in Switzerland, offering a wide range of medical services and conducting innovative research in the field of medicine.

University of Pretoria (UP)

An acclaimed South African research university known for innovative programs surrounding clinical trials, biological systems, and regulatory affairs. 

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Partnership Inquiries

Contact us to discuss research institution partnerships or other collaboration inquiries. 

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